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Online IQ Test

  • ~ 20 min.
  • 30 questions
  • 9.4 / 10
International IQ test, designed and used by professionals for primary evaluation of intelligence.
Before starting the test, make sure that:
  • nothing will distract you for the next 20-30 minutes
  • you are in a stable psychological and physical state
  • your level of concentration and attention will allow you to pass the test
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What should you expect from our IQ test?

More Understanding the Test Format

Our intelligence test is designed to be intuitive and engaging, ensuring a smooth testing experience. Here's what you can expect when you take the test:

Question Types: The test includes a variety of question types, such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and spatial reasoning. This diverse range ensures a comprehensive assessment of different cognitive abilities.

Duration and Pacing: Typically, the test takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. However, it's not timed, allowing you to proceed at a pace that's comfortable for you. This approach reduces test anxiety and helps in achieving a true measure of your abilities.

Interactive Interface: The test is presented in a user-friendly digital format, with clear instructions and easy navigation. Interactive elements, like instant feedback on certain questions, make the experience more engaging.

What Happens During the Test

  • Initial Calibration: The first few questions help calibrate the test to your level, ensuring that you receive questions suited to your abilities.
  • Progressive Difficulty: As you proceed, the test dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on your responses, a feature known as adaptive testing. This method provides a more accurate and personalized assessment.
  • Final Scoring: Once you complete the test, our algorithms calculate your IQ score based on your responses and the difficulty level of the questions you answered.

Post-Test Experience

Upon completing the test, you will receive a detailed report that summarizes your results. This report not only gives your IQ score but also offers insights into different aspects of your cognitive abilities, like problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. For those interested in a preliminary assessment, a free IQ test is available for exploratory purposes.

Rayan, Project Manager

"Taking the online IQ test was a revelation for me. It helped me understand my strengths and how I can leverage them in my professional life. The convenience of taking the test online and the immediate results were fantastic. It's a tool I'd recommend to anyone looking to gain deeper insight into their cognitive abilities."
review about iq test from rayan

Sarah, University Student

"As a student, I'm always looking for ways to better understand myself and improve. This test was not only easy to access and take, but it also provided me with valuable insights. The detailed report helped me plan my study and career path more effectively. Truly a worthwhile experience!"
review about iq test from sarah

Alex, Freelance Writer

"I was curious about my IQ and decided to try this test. The process was smooth, and the adaptive nature of the test made it feel very personalized. The results were eye-opening and have helped me in my personal development journey. I appreciate the privacy and security measures they have in place – it made me feel safe sharing my information."
review about iq test from alex
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How accurate is your test?

The test was compiled by a group of psychologists in such a way that the median IQ of the test group was 100 with a standard deviation of σ = 15. Thus, ⅔ of the total number of test takers gain average IQ levels.

In practice, this means that your result will not differ by more than 5-6 points from the result of a classic IQ test.
Also, keep in mind that your result may be affected by external factors or personal stress.

How much time is given to take the test?

We do not limit the time users may have to complete the test. The recommended time for completing the test is 20-40 minutes. Taking longer than this to complete the test may affect your results.

I lost my test result, how can I find and recover them?

If the result is lost, go to the "Restore result" page and enter your email. You will receive your results by email again.

Can I take the test again?

Yes. When you retake the test, the previous results will be overwritten. However, new test results are not taken into account in the world ranking and are not displayed on the results board.
To save multiple results, use different emails.